Writings of a Finnish military expert





Why this is necessary? What I see is a systematic attempt
 to falsify the facts and to mislead the vast nearly-hypnotized
audience. Most of the people have not got an opportunity to
play with the industry grade explosives, or later have formal
training in military explosives and then design and execute
ambush, demolition and improved explosive detonation

Really few have been researching optimal weapons fragmentation
or been able to design a new type of weapon and been lucky
enough of getting that design into mass production. This is an
obvious place where an expert not being a member of some
evil cabal needs to speak out. As some have suggested here,
it is the future of mankind being moulded here and in several
other places, good and evil.


Squibs, "dust ejections"

are dust clouds, which appear when linear shaped charges are
used to cut steel, reinfoeced concrete etc.  They were present
at the WTC.  Seen from one side, some six charges misfired,
exploded at the wrong time. The vast majority exploded as expected.
 As the top of the south tower tilted, two rows of squibs are visible
 in "tilt" pictures on two sides of the tower (you can be sure, that
 similar rows were on the other sides at the same moment
–otherwise there would not be a symmetrical "collapse". The squibs
 expand just a few meters, after which they are inert, white-grayish
dust no longer moving (without the help of the wind). In the WTC
those squibs rapidly mixed into adjacent ones and soon the remains
 looked just like linear, thick clouds on the wall.
Linear Shaped Charges (LSC) see

Such a cutting charge is not melting the steel; it will buid a huge
overpressure into the direction of cut, the gas expands at a rate
some 5 miles/second and this pressure changes the local metal
into liquid. There needs to be some metal lining with the explosive,
and this molten metal hitting the target at some 2 miles/second is
 then able to blow that already liquified mass being cut away.


The Spire, some central core columns standing while ejecting
boiling steel vapours

The spire shows a process of central core steel columns boiling
and rapidly loosing their strength. In some 20 seconds the joints
break up and those tall vertical stell columns disappear downwards.
The evaporatede steel dust remains in the air. This helps you to
really see what happened. Many steels falling were also boiling
and ejected a thick smoke, but normal people mistook their tails
as some kind of "concrete dust".

Such a steel dust has very small particle size and it is able to
penetrate the skin. Iron bypassing the digestary system in this
way damages the health.


Thermite is a WW2-era incendiary. It is not easy to ignite but
when it starts, it will burn at near 3000 C temperature. It is hard
to see how one could melt the strong vertical columns of the
Twin Towers with this stuff. It will eat itself free of any constrains
and fall down, continuing to burn unless it is totally covered by
sand (water is wrong stuff here). It also cannot burn many days,

it's more like hours only. Basically thermite will easily melt steel
directly under it, but this not what steel mills need, they need it
hotter,  more even and less with extra residues.


Thermate is a more modern military version of silently functioning
destructive charge. In practical uses it is built so it creates a very

hot cutting spray penetrating even steels. It is much faster than
the thermite, an this one could cut the columns of the Twin Towers.

But there is no eye wittnesses or photos this actually takingn place

in the outer walls. There would have been sparkles of molten steel,

red hot and easily recognisable. It is suggested that thermate linear

cutting charges are available for controlled demolition purposes, and

it makes sense, since they are more safe to use (no actual explosions,

just a violent hot spray cutting steels). In explosions there always is a

big danger zone.

You could take out the WTC central core columns with these, and it

would look like a fire, because only some smoke will be visible within

the already-burning building. However, the root of those towers with

5" or 6" huge steel pillars in the basement meeting the bedrock is too

much for these charges. I wouldn't try more than 2" steel penetrations

with thermate (however, I'm not a thermate designer, so precise limits

and the exact stuff mixture being used are unknown -classified?)

Enchanched explosives are WW2-era stuff like TNT, RDX, HDX, PETN
...in more potent versions today, because it has been invented that by mixing
very fine, nano-size particles of aluminium into those explosives a bigger,
more potent explosion results. So the charges for a given purpose are
today much smaller than they used to be.


Shaped charges, linear cutting charges are very basic thing today.
In WW2 it was common to stack huge boxes of explosives in order to
blow a bridge. Today small linear charges with nano-enchanched
explosives can do the same job in a much more elegant way. You may
also have seen door-form linear shaped charges for special police forces
(swat teams) –they place it on the wall and blow quickly their extra door
into the building using those.


Improved explosive devices are versions of shaped charges designed
to destroy vehicles. The US forces in Iraq are nowadays often ambushed
with them. Such a weapon can be camouflaged 20 meters off road, and
when detonated it still penetrates the APC (or with bigger versions, even
a MBT) on the road.

It is built by moulding powerful military explosive into form of a hand-held

loudspeaker, placing a copper plate into the "loud-voice end" and igniting
it from the "mouthpiece-end". This gives very directed effect –the
explosive gasses with molten copper fly straight forwards and not to all
directions. It is a very effective shooting weapon, the shot being explosives
-copper gasses and it is very destructive in the target. The weapon can
be built as remote-controlled or automatic sensor-triggered.


Picture: Finnish antitank standoff shaped charge weapon from 1970;
these were factory-built but IED:s in Iraq look fairly similar in general

The Neutron bomb  is the latest and thus obfuscated invention in the
field of nuclear wapons. It is already at least 25 years old invention (and
propably more). Unlike in many published articles, it is
NOT ignited by an
atomic bomb creating all kinds of long-term troubles (huge minimum yield,

heavy radioactive pollution lasting 1 000 000s of years and so on...).

The true neutron bomb is a logical extension of fuel pellets (fusion balls)
designed for fusion energy reactors. The plan has been to shoot cherry-
size fusion balls into a thermonuclear reactor at a rate of a few balls per
second. With almost unlimited funds and the sharpest minds of the
known scientific community, do you believe all the universities research-
ing this have continuously failed for some 50 years?

There are some 10 ways to ingnite such a fusion ball besides the atomic
bomb which is the only way the audience is generally aware of. Half of
 these could be useful in weapons applications. I just mention antimatter,
nano-enchanced multi-stage compression explosives and "red mercury"
(a secret Soviet-era invention to create a very high ignition temperature).
Here Mercury refers to the red-hot planet, not to the element.

What is ignited is fusion-able stuff in very concentrated form. The stuff
they use is much like a lithium-ion battery, metallic lithium and metallic
hydrogen (deuterium variant of hydrogen) tightly together with some
excess deuterium. This is a very small package, smaller than a box
of cigarettes, and it is in no way radioactive. Externally it can be made
to look excactly like a big lithium-ion battery, being manufactured from
 the same elements (but usually different isotopes of those elements).

The lithium is a booster to ignite the really reluctant-to-fire primary thermo-
nuclear reaction, which is Deuterium + Tritium. The booster reaction is
Deuterium + Lithium, and it will produce thermonuclear grade heath and
 free Tritium required in the secong stage taking place automatically
nanomicroseconds later. The output of  the D + T reaction is about ten
times more poweful than the initial D + Li booster reaction. Please note
that only the lightest elements are participating in these reactions.

Hydrogen in forms of deuterium and tritium,  and lithium. The important
fusion result will be helium (and a helium nucleus is known as alpha
particle when we talk about radiation). After looking some recently
declassified US nuclear documents (item V: Nuclear weapons and

related tecnology) one could suppose, that using Li(6) isotopes booster
produces pure hydrogen bombs and using Li(11) isotopes booster
produces the same reaction, but plenty of free neutrons so creating
something that is called a "neutron bomb".

The Hydrogen bombs and Neutron bombs can be focused and
directed as can most types of energy, if you know how (the Stealth
bomber, B-2 is based on carefully directing the radar energy beams
–radio wawes- away from the radar transmitter/receiver. The Stealth
 fighter, F-117 merely is a smaller target and absorbs that energy).

This means thermonuclear shaped charges are possible and do exist.
4th generation thermonuclear weapons and directed energy google
(Swiss researcher) Andre Spooner and read all his weapons-related
 material you can get.


Mini-nukes like those neutron bombs are not monitored internationally.
The nuclear explosion tests can be camouflaged so they are indistinq-
uishable from small eartquakes and similar event. Their energy signa-
tures also, while test explosions being made in abandoned old mines
are very small. It looks it has been internationally agreed that small
nuclear explosions in the class of fusion energy powerplant pellets are
called "thermonuclear devices" so the nasty word "bomb" is not
uncomforting this reality. And only leading hi-tech nations can produce
these "devices". No need to monitor them, right? Still better, no need
to publish the whole matter, just cover it up?


Geiger counter, the common method of spotting radioactive residues
 is useless here. The output of neutron bomb aka thermonuclear device
 will mostly be neutron and roentgen rays in addition to tritium, alpha
radiation (helium nucleus) and some beta radiation (in radioactive decays).

Also note that you can absorb much of those residues by simply spraying
tons of water on them. Those very light elements will free themselves
and float skywards or some will be absorbed into water and then you
will get "tritiated water" which was found in several locations at the wtc
 (but not elsewhere in New York at 9/11 time –see UCLA report on this). 

All matter including the air at ground zero will instantly become super-hot
–millions of degrees are available, but absorption rates vary and in practice

10 000 C will be enough to disintegrate anything including humans,
computers, concrete, steels and so on... This fireball of millions of degrees

C will also have significant secondary effects. It will expand explosively,

and it will form longer-wawelength radiation like light and tremondous

heath radiation.


The Energy output of different type military weapons is very different.

It should be easy to tell, which type of weapon has been exploded. I'm

trying to give some outlines here. But please understand, the MSM

(Main Stream Media) has been misleading you at least a quarter of a

century. Crime scenes have been incompetently investigated, false trails
followed up and suitable patsies convicted and executed. I especially loath

the Bali and the Beirut Hariri assassinations. In both cases the hole
caused by thermonuclear device was quickly filled with water in order

to neutralize the vaque radioactive residues. Patsies are arrested. in
Lebanon they were the leading generals. in Indonesia they were low-
level trouble makers (like a bicycle mechanic).

For an example, if the whole scene of crime is ablaze (22 cars in Beirut),
if people were burned to death inside their cars, if some people escaped
ablaze from their cars by breaking the window as doors were jammed,
and if the titan-steel armour of the target Mercedes has been partially
this is not mechanical damage in nature and no conventional
explosives military grade or not can cause such a damage. That scene
is an obvious ground zero of some type of a new, small thermonuclear


Industry grade (non-military) explosives don't cause much damage
unless they are in enclosed space. These include Amatol, Dynamite
 and ANFO (ammonium nitrate-fuel oil mixture). This also means there
 is no way an ANFO bomb could be able to collapse the federal building

 (Murrah) at Oklahoma. Crime scene falsified, evidence buried, a patsy
(McVeigh) caught and executed.

Military explosives like  TNT, RDX, HDX, PETN detonate much faster

 than the industry grade stuff, typically 5 miles per second and more. They
are able to do considerable damage also in open space. They create a
 huge, sudden overpressure and most of the damage is mechanical in
nature.  Attached to steels, or used as a shaped charge they are able

 to "melt steel" at the point of destruction front, but this "melting" is

caused by huge over-pressure and not some mechanismus creating

real heat.


Picture: antitank rocket grenade from a LAW (Light Antitank Weapon)

After firing an antitank shaped charge (a LAW weapon, for an example,

against a MBT) the armor is penetrated but as soon as you walk to the

target the point of penetration is lukewarm and rapidly cooling off. 

There will be molten  fragments inside the MBT re-solidifying rapidly.

Of course, if this is a combat situation, there would be dead crew

inside due partly molten metal droplets ripped of from the tank and

riocheting inside at a speed of 2 miles per second as well as second-

ary explosions when the powder in primary (main cannon) or second-

ary (machine guns) ammunitions explode and fuel is ignited and so on.

 I estimate the energy distribution is 97% blast wave, 3% heat for these.

Explosive cutting charges don't explain any of the "molten metal" referred

in the WTC. Not a single still molten droplet, and much less "streams of

molten metal". Thermite and thermate could explain the presence of
molten metal –for a few hours or a day, perhaps ( if used in huge quanti-

ties). The pictures of Twin Towers flowing with steel from the lower mid-

section were of course fake, but the indication of thermate remains in

some steels is propably valid.

Atomic weapons (fission) use uranium or plutonium squeezing smaller,

less radiating pieces into one dense supercritical mass which then
instantly detonates. For an example, the MK7 nuclear bomb had 92

squeezing detonators in a ball structure (this information will propably
point to the most difficult way imaginable of getting a nuke manufactured). 
The energy output is heat, overpressure and radioactive radiations.

Much of the radioactivity is in gamma rays easily detectable with cheap
Geiger counter and indicator film pieces used in radioactive hazard
regions. The energy distribution is 35% thermal, 60% blast wave and
5% ionizing radiation. The radiation is 80% gamma, 20% neutrons.
(google Carey Sublette: Effects of Nuclear Expolsions)


Thermonuclear weapons (fission-fusion) from 1950's use an atomic
 bomb as a trigger to fuse the very light hydrogen elements together. As

already explained, the primary reaction here is deuterium-tritium fusion
taking place within millions of degrees C of heat. The energy output is
mostly heat but huge overpressure will follow (due this bomb being
much hotter than the atomic one) as well as radioactive effects mostly

 based on the atomic bomb, but enchanched with alpha radiation, tritium

 remains and beta decays. The energy distribution for 1-megaton weapon

 is 45% thermal, 50% blast wave and 5% ionizing radiation.
Mini-nukes aka Neutron bombs (pure fusion weapons aka "devices")
Fusion balls and fusion shaped charges as a spinoff of the fusion energy

research. I estimate the energy distribution for Neutron bomb is
60% neutrons, 30% roentgen and 10% blast wave. The figures for
shorter-range roentgen and the longer-range neutron radiation include
a huge secondary thermal load, which forms automatically and which
will disintegrate everything but the heaviest structural steels especially
in the direction where those neutrons are directed.

Picture: Shaped charge neutron bomb at the moment the antimatter fuse
fires -almost all of the thermonuclear energy is going to upper left direction
(this weapon has not been officially published, but many clues exist)

Suggested schematic WTC tower wiring diagram below:

Clue: Some force has been able to rip the outer steel column elements away
from the walls of the WTC Tower, and has also been able to superheat them;

the steels are boiling away from the outer layer of steel columns as fast as they
can (the skin cools while evaporating, but the inside excess heat boils it again).

In this picture are some 50+ wall elements visible, most of them boiling and
each of them weighting 22 tons apiece. The destructive force has been able
to rip these 1100+ tons of steels out of their position as outer wall, threw them
outside of the tower footage and superheated them internally into some 5000 C.
The boiling temperature of the steel is about 3000 C narrowing possible other

Clue: The natural balance of elements at the WTC samples has changed into
heavier isotopes. Some nuclear force has been able to inject neutrons into the
nucleus of various elements present at the WTC area. See the table below.


List of Elements in the USGS analysis of WTC debris that should show readily detectable
Neutron Activation:

Element Isotopes, Isotope Percentages in Nature, Mean Percantage in USGS analysis:


Silicon - 28 Si 92.23%, 29 Si 4.67%, 15%


Carbon - 12 C 98.9%, 13 C 1.1% stable, 2%


Sulfur - 32 S 95.02%, 33 S 0.075%, 3%


Iron - 56 Fe 91.72%, 57 Fe 2.2%, 58 Fe 0.28%, 1.63%


Nickel - 58 Ni 68.08%, 59 Ni 1/2 life 7600 years, 60 Ni 26.22%, 61 Ni 1.14%, 37 ppm


Niobium - 93 Nb 100%, 94 Nb 1/2 life 20,000 years, 8.3 ppm


Beryllium - 9 Be 100%, 10 Be 1/2 life 1.5 mil years, only 3 ppm


Potassium - 39 K 93.256%, 40 K only plant animal, 1/2%


Titanium - 48 Ti 73.8%, 49 Ti 5.5%, 0.25%


Chromium - 52 Cr 83.79%, 53 Cr 9.5%, 116 ppm


Cobalt - 59 Co 100% , 60 Co 1/2 life 5 years, only 6ppm


For an example, Iron is expected to have the Fe(58) isotope, which contains two
additional neutrons, 0.28% naturally, but somehow there was 1.63% of these
heavier, but still stable iron isotopes in the WTC sample.

Clue: the clouds, or dust being formed in detonations will cool off very quickly. They
usually fill about the same volume of space what the building being demolished
occupied. The movement of those explosion clouds after this depends on the winds.


At the WTC the clouds were unreal, far too energetic to be normal clounds resulting
from explosions. They rapidly expanded into five-fold volume which shows a lot of
excess heat energy (pointing to thermonuclear device or hundreds of tons of military
explosives like HDX). Those clouds also showed pyroclastic behaviour and those
observations of this nature were correct. Even very large conventional explosive
stacks blowing up cannot build pyroclastics because this needs really hot stuff,
millions and not thousands of degrees C present (in the case of volcanos, large
areas of molten magma will suffice, too).

The thin mushroom cloud often points to a micro-nuke; it was very hot at ground
zero, but the area covered by a micro weapon remains small. So a small cloud
climbs to quite a high altitude.  If an ammunition storage with hundreds of tons
of explosives blows up, it also will build fairly wide mushroom cloud, because in
this case there is not enough cool air available to cool it rapidly off.


Explosives not behaving like shaped charges

Typically low explosives, often defined as detonating with slower speed than 300
meters/second, will blow up like omnidirectional bombs no matter how much one
tries to direct those. This needs to be mentioned, because those people carrying
out the coverup will boldly claim that thermonuclear weapons also behave this way.

I doubt atomic weapons (Uranium or Plutonium based, fission weapons) can be
much directed so those are another exception. Using some kind of Beryllium
reflectors some shaping effects could be possible.


Picture: One of the exceptions, low-explosive (powder) inside a fireworks rocket.