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Aleksander Litvinenko on entinen FSB-upseeri, joka loikkasi Britanniaan v. 2000. Haastattelut käsittelevät Venäjän turvallisuuspalvelun FSB:n järjestämää Duprovka-teatterin kaappausta lokakuussa 2002 sekä FSB:n ja presidentti Putinin osuutta venäläisessä huumebisneksessä.


About "Nord-Ost", Zakayev and terrorist activity of FSB


Dear Alexander Valterovich, (Litvinenko)

As they say, you were the first who identified Terkibaev as one of the participants in the storm of "Nord-Ost", when he appeared at the PACE session. Didn't you try to apply to the Interpol? Or to mass media? Why did not the Europeans pay attention to the fact that a real Vahabist-terrorist, the participant in Budyonovsk and Nord-Ost terrorist actions now attends the PACE session and teaches them how to "combat terrorism"?

Thank you for the answer. Anatoly B-ov.


Dear Anatoly! When, after the "Nord-Ost" events, Mr.Terkibaev appeared at the PACE session as a member of the Russian delegation, all my doubts dispelled with regard to complicity of the leadership of Russia in the organization and perpetration of this monstrious crime of the Kremlin and Lubyanka. Mr. Terkibaev's appearaance at the PACE session is a direct evidence of the fact that the Kremlin and Lubyanka took part in this terrorist act which took away the llives of more than 100 people.

Besides that I know that Terkibaev was guided by the FSS, when he was in the theatre building. I know that they put the main task before him to go upstairs, get into the room where the hostages were kept, and open fire. After that it was declared that the terrorists had begun shooting and it was necessaary to begin the storm of the buidling.

I assure you that before the storm all hostages were alive, moreover, they had agreed to release the hostages by 11:00 next morning. That's why Putin and Patrushev decided to use war gas. They did not need the Chechens killed in an unequal struggle on the territory beyond the limits of Chechnya, they did not need the hostages, they needed dead hostages and dead terrorists. They needed the bodies of the terrorists and hostages, who would not be able to give evidences against the FSB agents Terkibaev and Abubakar, the organizers of the operation who survived with the help of special services.

As to Terkibaev, after it hd been checked and conirmed that he took part in hostage-taking operation, I made a statement about him in mass media. Following this fact, Terkibaev was identified as an agent of the FSB. In accordance with the law of the RF in force, Terkibaev immediately should have been detained on the ground of direct evidences given against him as a participant in terrorist act.

But let's speak about the present-day reality. The FSB is a terrorist organization and its activity is not aimed at combating terrorism. It is not in the interests of the FSB to search after the terrorists and detain their agent Terkibaev, a terrorist and provocateur. The FSB will always use him in terrorist acts and hide him in case of failure.

As regards the Interpol, I am a private person and do not have the authority to give instructions to the Interpol what to do. Interpol is a collective police organization and serves the purpose of exchanging the information about the criminal sought for in the member-countries of this organization. Unfortunately, Russia enjoys the support of this organization for persecution of the persons for political reasons, thus, discrediting the very idea of international collaboration in the struggle against criminal act.


I apologize for disturbing you with my questions again. It is impossible to embrace a wide range of questions at once. According to the annual police reports of the Western countries, Austria in particular, in so-called "Embassies of RF" among the "Russian diplomats" the police make distinction between the agents of the GRU (Main Intelligence Agency) and SVR (Internal Intelligence Services), apart from the agents of the FSB. What is the foreign department of FSB engaged in and what is the difference between the functions of SVR and FSB abroad? What is the official name of the FSB "foreign" department? Who is the chief of this department and how many employees are there in that department? How many employees are there in FSB? According to the foreign sources, there are 200.000 employees in FSB. Is that right?

Who is the head of the Department for Safeguarding of Constitutional Order? How many people are on the staff? When was it created (reconstituted)?

The Press periodically make mention of the instructors of CIA and Mossad in FSB. Have you got any information about these instructors, or do you know anything about the facts of FSB employees work on probation in the USA?

In your opinion, has the Agency where you worked anything common with the recent attempt on the life of the head of NNP Ivanov-Sukharevsky in Moscow? The bomb detonated when he picked up the telephone receiver in his flat (see details on web-site edition of the "Duel" newspaper, N 41).

Andrey Dubrov, Vienna


Dear Andrey, You ask me to answer the questions according to wich one could draw up a course of lectures for the future FSB employees. You must be a journalist, in my opinion, and you are interested in Russian special services, the activity of this organization abroad and its fight against the so-called ideological enemy. I can give you interview on the telephone, or you may come to London, it is not difficult to come to London from Vienna. My telephone number is 00447870568586. Yet, I'll try to answer your questions, but it isn't easy to state briefly.

1. As I have already noted, there is an Interntional Service department in FSB, headed by Alexei Fyodorovich Kouzyura, his Lubyanka office telephone number is 2244947, 2246593. Call him and, if you are lucky, he will tell you about the activity of his department in detail.

As far as I know, there is a department of international relations under the mentioned Service, which is engaged in sending out the FSB officers on business to the embassies in European countries, where they coordinate the FSB anti-terrorist campaign. In England, for example, such an officer is occupied with Zakaev, Berezovsky and me. So, you can judge yourself about the efficiency of the activity of these fighters against terrorism. Of course, through them can be transferred certain operative information to the special services of the host country.

After the detention of Zakayev in Denmark, for instance, a file of trumped-up charges about my "criminal links with the Chechen terrorists" was sent through this channel, but they failed to note that I had been granted a political refuge in England. After my detention in the airport, the policemen apologized to me many times. At last, to show them my good will, I gave them secret material describing the crimes committed by Putin and Patrushev, about the terrorist activity of the FSB and KGB. Besides that I explained them that Zakaev's case had been trumped-up and assured them that very soon the court of Denmark would bring in a verdict of not guilty, i.e. I, too, as his cpmpanion, would be found "not guilty"soon.

In addition, I would like to explain that Internal Intelligence Services have been given an instruction to resume an operative work and recruitment of the emigrants from Russia and the CIS countries. And those who refuse to collaborate with them are threatened to be persecuted through Interpol, by fabrication of criminal cases for the "crimes committed by them", and extradition to their home countries.

2. I can't definitely tell you who the head of the "K" Department is today. As to the numerical strength, I think the staff of the central agency is about 250 in number, and about 10 people are sent to the territorial departments of FSB. The "K" Department was restored in 1996, when Kovalyov was appointed Director of the FSB. Formerly he worked at the 5th Department of the KGB. The activities of the Department have been intensified under Putin, who revived the "best" chekist traditions in FSB.

3. I've heard about it, but I cannot tell you anything about the authenticity of this information. Some officers told that Deputy Chief of the Agency A.P.Kamishnikov and General Lutsenko, who pressed on so-called non-traditional methods at FSB, i.e. extra-judicial executions, leadership of the gangs and criminal formations by the FSB officer, ostensibly, worked on probation at FBI. They used to emphasize that it was the experience of the American special services, but I repeat that they, most likely, told lies, as we know nothing but their unsubstantiated statements.

4. If Ivanov-Sukharevsky was killed as a result of the explosion when he took a receiver, it means that there was a trap-mine laid by a professional saboteur. But in order to determine the department, it is necessary to know the motive of the murder. So, it is not easy to answer this question.

Alexander Litvinenko.


Putin and the drug trade in Russia


How do you do. Does the FSB participate in the drug trade? Who, in your opinion, controls the delivery of heroin to the countries of Western Europe?


Dear Mr. Bushuyev! During my work at the FSB I had to become acquainted with the fact that my bosses were protecting the illegal circulation of drugs and their transport from Afghanistan through Russia to the countries of Western Europe. I wrote in detail about all this in my book "The Lubyanka criminal group", in the chapter called "The Uzbek track". Unfortunately, they are afraid of selling this book in Russia, but it is found on the internet, including at Chechenpress.

In addition to this, I would like to supplement the answer by an information which you won't find in the book, namely about the connections of Russian President Putin with the international Columbian drug cartels. Thus, in the tape recordings made by former Major of the State Security Nikolay Mel'nichenko in the office of the Ukrainan President, kindly handed to me, it became known that Putin together with members of the "Tambovo" organized crime group closely collaborates with one of the Columbian drug cartels.

The drugs produced in Columbia were illegally distributed in European countries, and the money from their sale was laundered through the German "SPAG" company, in which Putin functioned as a consultant until 2000, i.e., until he was elected President of Russia. I have the original of an expert conclusion at my disposal, in which it is stated that these tape recordings are originals and can be used as evidence in a law court.

Drug addiction is a national catastrophe in Russia. If you take the officially registerered number of drug addicts and multiply it by the daily dose of narcotics needed by them, you will get tons of narcotics sold to the users. The illegal circulation of drugs is an industrial enterprise comparable with the production and sale of tobacco articles, with only one difference, that the profit made with narcotics is considerably higher. And do you think that the State Security agents will miss this tasty piece?

It's not by accident that Putin this year created a new special service for the fight against the drug trade business, to which he transfered the function from the tax police. Why did he do this? Firstly, to centralize in the hands of Cherkesov all subdivisions in the fight against the drug trade business, in order to check this trade more easily and to obtain his amount of it. Secondly, by transferring the function of the tax police to Cherkesov, it will be easier for him to control the laundering of money obtained from the illegal sale of narcotics. Now everything is in "reliable" hands - both the trade and the money laundering, there will be no unnecessary eyes and ears of strangers.

As far as the person of Cherkesov is concerned, this is an old companion-in-arms and accomplice of the President of Russia in his many dirty affairs. Thus, already in the middle of the 90-s, together they took the seaport of Saint Petersburg under their criminal protection, through which the drugs from Afghanistan, from Dostum, were transported to Europe. So that now, the fight against the illegal drug trafficking business in Russia and the laundering of the money from it are in RELIABLE HANDS.

A. Litvinenko, Chechenpress, 24.10.03


14.11.2003 Prima News

Real Moscow apartment blocks explosions organiser named

RUSSIA, Moscow. Tatiana Morozova, one of the plaintiffs in Moscow and
Volgodonsk tower block explosions case, 12 November demanded an inquiry
into the materials published recently by Moscow News newspaper.According
to Civil Liberties Fund (CLF, New York), in her telegram to Judge M.
Komarova, Ms Morozova, whose mother died in 1999 apartment block
explosion in Gourianov Street, asks to call new witnesses and use new
evidence in the case.

Moscow News named the alleged terrorist who rented the basement in the
apartment block in Gourianov Street where the bomb was planted. It
wasn’t Achimez Gochiyaev as the investigators state, but another man who
in the past had been found to have connections with FSB, says CLF. The
investigation by Moscow News became possible thanks to the information
supplied by Mikhail Trepashkin, Ms Morozova’s lawyer, who managed to
pass it on to the newspaper the day before his arrest. Mr. Trepashkin
was arrested on the eve of the hearing of the apartment blocks
explosions case in court, after a handgun had been planted in his car.
The newspaper published an interview with Mark Blumenfeld, a businessman
who rented out the basement in the apartment block to the terrorists.
Mr. Blumenfeld states that the man who rented the basement from him and
who was presented by the investigators as Mr. Gochiyaev, is in fact
somebody else. Mr. Blumenfeld said that the terrorist’s portrait made
immediately after the explosion on his description was true to the fact,
while the second one made later of somebody who looked like Mr.
Gochiyaev had nothing to do with the real man. Mikhail Trepashkin found
Mark Blumenfeld and passed the information on his whereabouts to the
newspaper. He also named the man on the first picture. It was a Vladimir
Romanovich. According to Mr. Trepashkin’s information, seven years
previous Romanovich was arrested along with a criminal gang in Moscow
but was released on the instructions from FSB leadership. Mr. Trepashkin
also said that after several people recognised Romanovich on the first
picture, he left for Cyprus where he subsequently died hit by a car.
CLF states that yesterday’s publication fully backs the written
statement by Achimez Gochiyaev given from his hiding place abroad to
historian Yuriy Felshtinskiy and former FSB official Alexander
Litvinenko spring last year. Gochiyaev states that he wasn’t aware he
was used at the time and that the basement was rented allegedly for
business purposes by his partner who had connections with FSB; at the
time he knew nothing about the coming terrorist acts. Gochiyaev
said that after the second explosion he told the militia about two more
rented basements in Kopotnya and Borisovy Proudy, thus helping to
prevent two more explosions. Gochiyaev also states that the photograph
of him with Khattab [Chechen militants leader] published by FSB had been
forged which was also proved by independent experts. Gochiyaev’s
evidence, accompanying documentation and experts’ reports have been
given to Public Enquiry Committee into the apartment blocks explosions
headed by State Duma MP Sergey Kovalyov.

PRIMA News Agency