Sotilasasiantuntijan kirjoituksia


Huom: Tämä piirros on kaavamainen. Todelliset tornit olivat paljon korkeampia, ja vastaavasti havaittu suunnattavaa energiaa käyttävän lämpöydinpommin tuhosektori oli kapeampi.

The Ground Zero here was in the original sense of word, a nuclear blast site. The thermal energy may absorb heath at a rate of 10 E 23 ergs / cm2 sec and near the bomb all surfaces may heat to 4000 C or 7200 F igniting or vapourizing violently. Source: US Department of Defense & US Department of Energy, Glasstone – Dolan “The Effects of Nuclear Weapons” (1980).

The thermonuclear bomb used was a “pure” hydrogen bomb, so no Uranium or Plutonium at all. The basic nuclear reaction is Deuterium + Tritium > Alpha + n. The ignition of this is the Fine part, either with powerful beam array or antimatter (in a very certain way to get the necessary directed-energy effect, in order not to level the adjacent blocks of high-rise buildings, too).